‘Twas but a match, juste une allumette

a match

Liliana Negoi and C.

‘Twas but a match that stood between our senses,
A match that shivered, waiting to be lit
And at its turn to torch the stubborn fences
Preventing our two lifelines to befit.

Voici juste une allumette
Au tremblement de ta main,
Se pourrait-il qu’elle mette
La flamme aux murs inhumains ?

“Let there be fire!”, begged silently each heartbeat,
“Let there be flames!”, was written in our eyes,
But spoken words were like the blandest dust sheet
Beshadowing the wings of butterflies.
So we behaved and played our best defences
Against ourselves, without the slightest frown,
We dressed our thoughts in all the false pretences
And let our dreams of love to slowly drown.

Nos mots furent trop légers,
Des écailles de phalènes ;
Nous ne pouvions plus songer
À partager nos haleines.

‘Twas but a match that stood between our senses.
We watched it both and then we cast it down.

Voici juste une allumette,
Que l’on rejette.